your punch line

make it good

knock their socks off

this is your chance…


Acevichado gazpacho

Celery, ginger, avocado, criollitas, coriander, and quail egg / 9,50€

Vegetable tartare

Mix of vegetables with tiger milk from roasted tubers / 11,00€

Causa de ají amarillo with red tuna

Cause yellow pepper, hot pepper emulsion, pico de gallo, botijo mayonnaise, guacamole. / 14,00€

Motherfucking scallop

Scallop, fresh lime juice, kimchi emulsion, lemon salt / ( two units 9,00€) (Unit 4,50€)

The little tirad that wanted to be sashimi

Salmon gravlax, Maracuya tiger milk, criollita, cancha, fennel, dill. / 15,500€

Maguro Ceviche

Bluefin tuna, avocado, way way, nori seaweed, Nikkei Tiger milk. / 16,00€


Nikkei pig

Bacon confit at low temperature, sweet potato puree, pico de gallo, chifles (4 units) / 10,00€

Shitake and boletus croquettes

Croquettes with mushroom mayonnaise and black truffle (6 units) / 9,50€

Gyosas de gambón

With carabineros bisque and Andean nuances, quinoa pop, crunchy Japanese onion (4 units) / 9,50€

Vietnamese nem

Crispy rice, coriander and mint chalaquita, guacamole, cogollitos, sweet chile (4 units) / 9,50€


Serrano chicken in nikkei marinade

Country thigh, marinated serrano, ají panka (kimuchi, oyster sauce), lime, rustic potatoes, Andean mojo. / 15,00€)

Marine rice with everything

Creamy rice, panka bisque, seafood, corn, edamames, prawns, chalaquita, tiger milk (from ají limo and rocoto). And also vegetarian option. / 16,50€

Braised anticuchero octopus

Andean smoked marinade, sautéed mote, mashed potatoes, chimichurri. / 16,00€

Beef tataki with ponzu al ají limo

Thin cut of loin, ponzu sauce (soy, sake, mirin yuzu-kosho, ají limo, micromesclum. / 15,50€)

Beef cheeks with Andean red curry

Beef cheek cooked at low temperature, corn and sweet potato puree, chifles. / 16,50€


Alfajor that broke when we took it out of the oven

With sweet coconut ice cream. / 5,50 €)

Chocolate brownie

With dulce de leche ice cream. / 5,50 €)

Crispy banana roll

With Chicha Morada Sorbet. /5,50 €)

Apple Crumble

With Vanilla Tahiti ice cream. / 5,50 €)

Handmade ice creams

Ask the waiter about our flavor palette. / 4,50 €)