Motherfucking scallop

With Kimuchi emulsion, quinoa pop and a touch of lime / 5,50€ Unit

Braised Avocado with Egg Onsen

With egg cooked at low temperature, Kabayaki Sauce, crispy onion and negi / 12,50€

Acevichado Salmorejo

With nuances of ceviche, smoked cod, cherry tomatoes and quinoa pop. / 13,00€

The Lost Cause with Tuna Tartare

Cold mashed potato with yellow pepper, pico de gallo, egg, guacamole and contrasts. / 14,50€

Maguro's Nikkei Ceviche

Red tuna loin, nikkei tiger milk, avocado and wai wai. / 16,50€

Scallop Usuzukuri

Tiradito of scallops with rocoto tiger milk and piquillo peppers, chalaquita and cancha. / 18,80€


Vietnamese Pork Nem (4 units)
In crispy rice paper, guacamole, sweet chilli and pico de gallo. / 4 units 11,00€
Chicken Gyozas (4 units)

With yellow chili sauce, quinoa pop, crispy onion and negi. / 11,00€

Crispy Pork Baozi (4 units)

Fluffy and crunchy bun stuffed with cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo. / 12,50€

The Empanada that wanted to be Gyoza (2 units)

Knife-cut beef tenderloin, onion, tomato and Lomo Saltado sauce. / 8,50€

Nikkei Pig (4 units)

Low-temperature candied bacon, sweet potato, pico de gallo and crispy tubers. / 12,00€


Serrano chicken in Nikkei marinade

Field drumstick in Nikkei marinade, with rustic potatoes and Andean mojo sauce. / 16,80 €)

Braised Octopus Anticuchero

With anticucho marinade, mashed potatoes, chimichurri, corn and Andean mojo. / 18,00€

“Popeye the Sailor” Rice

Wok sautéed with vegetables and baby squid, mussels, octopus and prawns, chalaquita and leche de Tigre. / 16,80€

Beef Tataki

Low Loin with creamy achiote potato, sautéed shiitake and Ponzu sauce. / 18,00 €)


Alfajor that broke when we took it out of the oven

Broken Alfajor Cookie with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. / 6,00 €)

Chocolate brownie

With Meringue Milk Ice Cream / 6,00 €)

Maracu-Mango Cheesecake

Creamy passion fruit cheesecake and Mango ice cream. / 6,00 €)

Crunchy Banana Roll

With Purple Chicha Ice Cream. / 6,00 €)

Handmade ice creams

Ask the waiter about our palette of flavors. / 5,50 €)

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